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Dr Louise Goff

Reader in Nutritional Sciences

Louise Goff is an academic dietitian and Reader in Nutrition & Dietetics at King’s College London. Louise's research career over the last 20 years has focused on the role of nutrition in the development, prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Louise currently leads an inter-disciplinary programme of research focused on tackling health inequalities in adults of African & Caribbean heritage. She has worked extensively with UK African and Caribbean communities spanning a broad range of research from understanding differences in the biological mechanisms by which diabetes develops through to improving cultural competency of healthcare professionals. She is creator of Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles for Diabetes (‘HEAL-D’), a culturally tailored self-management programme for African and Caribbean adults living with type 2 diabetes ( HEAL-D was developed in a NIHR-funded research fellowship and is now delivered in the NHS in south London. Louise is co-editor of ‘Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes’ textbook, and currently sits on the Diabetes UK Nutrition Committee, having led on the development of evidence-based guidelines for the nutritional management of diabetes in ethnic minority groups.


Dr Louise Goff
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