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Hair and Beauty business promoting heart health

  • 21Days

What’s in this training for you? During your working day you interact with lots of clients. Often, you listen to your client’s health concerns. This is where the BELONG training will make a difference! Many of your clients might be at high risk of having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and circulation disease and be unaware of their risks. The BELONG training will help you to use your conversations with clients to give relevant information, advice and signposting to appropriate health services. There are 5 core modules and 2 optional modules. In the BELONG training you will learn: Module 1: how can heart and circulation disease affect your life? Module 2: what are the risk factors for heart and circulation diseases? Module 3: which services are available to detect and treat heart and circulation diseases in your area? Module 4: how to communicate this information to your clients and give the right advice? Module 5: what are your roles and responsibilities as part of the BELONG team? Participants: the training is available to eligible community salons participating in the BELONG project.



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