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Healthcare supporting Hair and Beauty business

What’s in this training for you? Hair and beauty professionals interact with lots of clients. Often, they listen to their client’s health concerns sometimes without knowing where or how to signpost them to relevant resources and services. This is where the BELONG training will make a difference! The BELONG training will help hair and beauty professionals to use their conversations with clients to give relevant information, advice and signposting to appropriate health services. This is aligned with a “Make Every Contact Count” approach promoted in England. In the BELONG training you will learn how to best support community salons: Module 1: What the project entails? Module 2: How to support community salons? Module 3: What are cultural competence and cultural safety and why do they matter? Participants: the training is available to eligible GP surgeries supporting BELONG community salons. Benefits of Participation: - Understand more about the BELONG project, including why and how the project is being carried out and what is your role. - Gain a deeper understanding of culture, cultural safety and cultural competence, with examples of this at all 3 levels (system, organisational, individual). - Improve the quality of patient care by boosting NHS Health Checks and raising breast cancer awareness. - Qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and fulfil appraisal requirements for sustained professional growth. - Obtain BELONG certification. - Enhanced personal skillset/broaden knowledge base. - Network with fellow healthcare professionals and academics



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